Relaxing on the Shakti Mat – modern day bed of nails!

shakti happiness in a bagI have just received my first shakti mat for meditation moments. I saw these mats in Aussie the last time I was over there and thought “wow, that looks interesting!”
This little mat can be used on various areas of the body, simply by lying on it . With 7000 acupressure points ready to stimulate your blood circulation and provide acupressure simultaneously.

How can it help you?Shakti
*boosting energy after exercise
*ease pain, improve quality of sleep
*awaken tired and stiff muscles
*if you suffer from headaches and migranes
*boosting circulation.

The Indian bed of nails!
The shakti mats follow the ancient principles of the bed of nails, in which yogis use it as a tool to attain perfection of body and mind. Promoting a deep sense of relaxation while you focus on your breathing from 10-20 minutes a day. 
Also fantastic for sport and fitness to enhance athletic performance by exciting the nerves, thus preparing the body for peak performance. Standing on it, can increase circulation of the feet by stimulating the pressure points and increasing blood flow will give you an instant boost.

Has anyone out there used one of these mats? Would love to hear your feedback.