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The sun care lotion.  _suncarelotion50ml                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  This fantastic product is one of the corrector products and is super healing by protecting against the damaging effects of sun exposure. Its a concentrated lotion of herbal extracts formulated to help protect the skin from sun exposure and is ideal for sensitive skin which is irritated by sun blocks. This product doesn’t contain any commercial sunscreen and will not immediately protect from u.v.rays. It must be used for 7 consecutive days before it becomes effective.
* Start using now in spring
* Strengthening the skin and rebuilds the cell structure
* Great as a moisturizer for teenagers
* Will not turn the skin yellow, even though it is bright yellow!
* Very healing herbals such as calendula and st johns wort.                                   40 mls    $59.00

For the month of OCTOBER – with every facial booked take 20% off the retail price.