Qi Beauty

Qi Beauty Treatments

Jo is pleased to be the 5th practitioner in New Zealand and the only in the one in the lower North Island to offer this revolutionary treatment.

The process involves 1000 gold plated Qi micromagnets to be placed gently on meridians to create static magnetic fields. This helps remove blockages and encourages lift in the skin whilst relieving inflammation, stimulating tissue activity, increasing blood micro circulation and oxygenation in the tissues.

Each Qi facial is unique to the person receiving it. Each client receives a new set of magnets.

Benefits include:


  • Plump and toned super hydrated skin
  • Lift and define facial features
  • Decrease size of pores
  • Reduce appearance of pigmentation
  • Reduce the depth of wrinkles
  • Repair / reduce weakened capiliaries
  • Provide an anti-aging solution
  • Defend and maintain healthy skin.


Qi Beauty Gold Facial – $160

Qi Beauty Platinum Facial & Massage – $180

Qi Beauty 3 – 5 weekly maintenance (must forward book at first facial) – $128

Qi Beauty Home Care Kit

Your treatment does not stop at the end of your facial, continue energising your skin at home with the Qi Beauty Home Kit.