Are you ready to be amazed?

The difference between a Jo Bentley "bespoke" facial is that "I treat skin conditions rather than skin types!"

By providing a holistic approach to healthy living and philosophies that reflect positive change, my main focus is to give an honest, realistic and workable solution to a skin condition that would otherwise be over looked by a therapist. I don't get up close and personal with the skin by telling the client everything they may be doing wrong but rather to help inspire change ( starting slowly) and working with the client to correct a presenting issue. I work closely with the JANESCE naturopath who provides the health analysis with an on-line client consultation form that the client then fills out and posts directly, if able. Then together with the client's commitment, prescribe the required internal supplements and external corrector herbal liquids for the home care program. A skin condition can come about by seasonal change, emotional factors - such as stress, over active sporting, food intolerance, or allergies, lifestyle choices, age and the products you use. Mostly designed for Women, these organically hand made essence, fluids and liquid herbals have had many successful results with skin conditions such as - hyper-sensitivity, acne prone irritated and deep seated cystic conditions, eczema and highly irritated skin, red, flaky and itchy skin etc.

Benefits of choosing to BESTOW RADIANCE through food & internal supplements

FOOD that nourishes the body and helps the skin function at its best, gives you a better understanding of how food and diet can make a huge difference, make you feel and create harmony.

  • Programs are unique to JANESCE clients
  • On going support while healing the skin condition.
  • Janesce provides a journey of change with the skin that is noticeable immediately.
  • Treatment facials are therapeutic and give stimulation to the lymphatic system, while detoxifying the blood and respiratory system.
  • Individual programs are available to best help the clients achieve their goals.
  • HEAL AT YOUR OWN PACE and first steps to a healthier you..


  • Improved skin texture
  • Soft velvety skin
  • Even complexion
  • Balanced hydration
  • Restored vitality
  • Plump healthy cells
  • Reduced sensitivities/redness/irritation
  • Bright, alive looking skin at any age.

Therapeutic Facials and Programs

Janesce Slow Beauty Express 70 minutes $85.00 - vibrant, stimulating, healing
Janesce Slow Beauty Facial 90 minutes $120.00 - vibrant, stimulating, healing, extended facial massage
Janesce realm duo75 minutes includes back massage and facial hydrate, a relaxing duo to calm, soothe, replenish and hydrate$99.00
Janesce Sensory Journey 2 hours  $180.00 - amazing treatment unique to JANESCE
Janesce saving face for him- 60 minutes$75.00 - stimulating yet calming for skin clearing shaving