Relaxing on the Shakti Mat – modern day bed of nails!

shakti happiness in a bagI have just received my first shakti mat for meditation moments. I saw these mats in Aussie the last time I was over there and thought “wow, that looks interesting!”
This little mat can be used on various areas of the body, simply by lying on it . With 7000 acupressure points ready to stimulate your blood circulation and provide acupressure simultaneously.

How can it help you?Shakti
*boosting energy after exercise
*ease pain, improve quality of sleep
*awaken tired and stiff muscles
*if you suffer from headaches and migranes
*boosting circulation.

The Indian bed of nails!
The shakti mats follow the ancient principles of the bed of nails, in which yogis use it as a tool to attain perfection of body and mind. Promoting a deep sense of relaxation while you focus on your breathing from 10-20 minutes a day. 
Also fantastic for sport and fitness to enhance athletic performance by exciting the nerves, thus preparing the body for peak performance. Standing on it, can increase circulation of the feet by stimulating the pressure points and increasing blood flow will give you an instant boost.

Has anyone out there used one of these mats? Would love to hear your feedback.

Dani’s fab photo shoot

Dani and her sister had a fabulous time being happy and dressing up for this shoot with multi-awarding winning photographer- Esther Bunning. As Dani is one of my lovely clients she has allowed me to post this on the site and I hope you all agree that she looks stunning. Great skin to work with and beautiful hair. Stuart SIsters

Wecome to our News Page

Wecome to our News Page

bestow beneathWelcome everyone,
This is my very first post on this brand new page. As Spring is in the air, it is a fantastic time to rejuvenate the skin, get ride of the winter blues and really look at the internal being. We all give the house a spring clean at this time of the year but very rarely think about our own bodies. So, without further adieu, I would like to introduce you all the the newest product in the BESTOW BEAUTY range. Beauty from beneath reveals a vitality and radiance as a multi mineral and vitamin formula, designed to provide key nutrients for collagen production, promote enzyme action in the stratum corneum layer (the top layer you touch) and help skin cells remain energetic and regenerate.

It provides a balanced source of important nutritional building blocks your body needs to produce good quality collagen and elastin.
By promoting enzyme action, your skin cells will remain actively energetic making the regeneration of cells more healthy, resilient and strong.
The key vitamins and minerals allow a supportive structure for the normal functioning of the skin.
Bestow beneath contains excellent levels of zinc which is vital for tissue repair, while the best added benefit is that bestow beneath, inhibits both viral and bacterial exposure.

As a supplement though, remember that whole foods such as avocado, leafy greens such as kale and spinach, dark berries, carrots, kumera, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, red peppers, brazil nuts, eggs and oats all boost the skins ability to function well. Beauty from beneath counts!