Complementary therapies

Healing, Well being and Health

At Calma, our philosophies extend to the whole person as we believe it is necessary for good health, vitality and harmony. Therefore beauty goes beyond pampering to a level where balancing the emotions, breathing deeply and self discovery are truly part of over all wellness.

Discover your true potential through our treatments on a regular program. We offer the following:

Reiki – Channeled Energy Work:
Rei-ki is a Japanese hands-on and off healing art form meaning “Universal – Life Force”
The belief that every living thing has a life force energy that flows around and through it, has been around for thousands of years. Any energy worker or channel, place the hands on the body or above, over special energy centres and over the major organs. Sensations of warmth, coolness or tingles may be felt by the receiver, while their brain waves are lowered to between 8 – 10 hertz. A very relaxed  state of being comes over you much like just before going to sleep. This moment of relaxation is very healing, the body may feel a little heavy, the lungs expand and breathing becomes slower. Up to 30 % more oxygen flows around the body and into the hemoglobin.

Sessions available:

  • Introductory and consult – 1 hour 15 minutes – $60.00
    follow-up – 50 minutes              – $50.00
    30 minutes              – $30.00
    Six week program (6 x 50 minute sessions)       – $270.00
    Three sessions weekly 30 minutes each               – $81.00
  • What to expect:
  • Your session is preformed fully clothed in a private, lower lite room. You will be covered with a blanket or sheet and a tissue will be placed over your eyes. The session begins with a few breathing and relaxing exercises. Front and back of the body are addressed within the hour treatment. Reiki has no religious background. It is preformed with permission from the client and doesn’t discriminate. There is no judgement relating to Reiki and it is safe to preform at any age. Animals and plants can also benefit from energy work.
  • Recommended for highly stressed people or anyone wishing to have more focus or clarity in their life, recovery from surgery, pain and headaches, decision making, anxious people or as a general first aid after diagnosis.
  • Anyone can receive Reiki and the session may also include – crystal therapy, chakra balancing and inspirational cards.        



Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

It has been suggested that far infrared energy is the healthiest energy wave on earth. There are three types of infrared energy: near, middle and far. Far is the closest to visible light which is where we sit on the electro-magnetic spectrum. Radiant heat or “energy medicine” as it is known, has been used for some 80 years now to promote health and vitality. It reportedly raises the white blood cell count, important for immunity and one session alone can burn between 600 -2400 calories (the same energy expended in a 10-15km run)
As the energy wave resonates with the water molecules in the body, for best results you are required to drink plenty of water while in the session and between sessions. If this is a goal for to loss weight and adapt a better lifestyle and diet, far infrared treatments can be given three times a week. You can integrate it into an exercise routine for not only recovery but weight management.

Other benefits include:

  • Removal of mineral waste
  • Increased flexibility
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • All round beauty treatment for the skin, especially acne prone skin conditions, eczema & psoriasis.
  • Weight reduction
  • Highly stressed people
  • Muscle recovery from sports
  • Flushing of toxin in the skin, bowel and kidneys.

Consultations are required prior to Far infrared treatments due to contra-indications for medical reasons.

Recommended session times – 30 minutes.

“Try it” – one session               – $25
“Like it” five sessions             – $100
“love it” 10 sessions                – $200  – receive 1 FREE  session
“Need it
20 sessions               – $400. – receive 2 FREE sessions.



Reflexology – Musculus-skeletal of the feet.

Your body is reflected through the feet where meridian or zone lines.  When blockages occur crystal deposits can be felt within these zones and pathways. By having regular reflexology, this stimulates the energy flow, reducing the deposits and allows the body to rebalance so di-ease doesn’t set in.  This helps all the systems of the body on a general well being level, but for musculo-skeletal reflexology, we work within the muscular and skeletal systems for non-diagnostic treatment. A referral to a qualified registered reflexologist can be given if required.

First time consult and treatment recommended for 1 hour.

*Post surgery – veins
*Tired hot/sore feet
*People who like to tramp, hike or walk regularly
*Recovery from injury

30 minutes – $35.00
50 minutes – $55.00
60 minutes – $65.00

3 sessions weekly – $121.50
6 week program    – $306.00