Manicure & Pedicure

Using the sensational LEIGHTON DENNY range, transforming your hands and feet this season is easy. Choice from the treatment option below:


THE MARILYN – A full 1 hour 30 minutes where your hands are soaked, exfoliated,  nail care correction, 20 minute massage, protection moisturizer and your choice of polish from the Leighton bar.     – $80.00

THE MINI MARILYN – When time is a factor choose this option where your hands are soaked, exfoliated, nail care correction, moisturized and your choice of polish from the Leighton bar.         – $50.00

THE PETITE FRENCH – A hand compress, exfoliation, moisturize and choose one of the french diamond polishes. perfect for wedding day enhancements when you don’t want acrylic nails. Brush correction fluid white free edge. Looks just like an acrylic look nail.        – $65.00



THE AVA – A full pedicure including foot soak, exfoliation, nail care correction, skin smoothing and callus peel treatment, mask and 20 minute massage, moisturizer and your choice of polish from the Leighton bar. Pedicure slippers supplied.   – $85.00

THE MINI AVA – When time is a factor choose this option with soak, exfoliation, nail correction, moisturize and buff with your choice of polish.   – $55.00

THE PETITE AVA FRENCH – Foot essence compress, exfoliation, cuticle work and moisturizer. Choose from the diamond particle range or french flair tip. Perfect option prior to wedding day nail care.    – $70.00


DUO GODDESS – Choose both treatments together for a total all over stylish look. Includes the mini options with aromatic compresses, file, exfoliation, treatment cream and polish. This sensational duo treat is perfect for red carpet events, traveling away, weddings or a full on party, Hollywood style!
      – $105
Up grade to this treatment if your feet need extra attention. Includes a therma-soft bootie or hand wrap after a callus peel AHA treatment &  all the services as above.
– $134.50
finish your duo services with a french polish, diamond dust or cocktail look that will transform your nails for that special event.
– $150.00



Thermasoft treatment wraps – $24.50

The perfect naturally heated foot or hand treatment that doesn’t use paraffin. We choose not to use paraffin as is is mineral oil based. This fantastic alternative has moisturizing qualities of sustainable soy-a fin wax, honey, Shea butter and essential oils. The lining ingredients melt from the reaction created within the outer layer of two minerals acting together when water is applied. It’s a chemistry lessen in a wrap made in the U.S.A.
Can be added onto any of the treatments above.