“Something magical happens just by working on the face!”

I specialize in holistic skin health with the belief of caring for the skin and yourself both inside and out.
Your skin is a mirror of your inner health and well-being. By using pure extracts that feed, nourish
and support the normal function and activity of the skin, you will look better and feel better too.

When choosing to have a JANESCE SKIN SOLUTIONS facial you are rewarded with these results:

* Improved skin texture
* Soft velvety skin
* Even complexion
* Balanced hydration
* Restored vitality
* Plump healthy cells
* Reduced sensitivities/redness/irritation
* Bright, alive looking skin at any age.

Janesce facials are 100% nutritiously pure & unique. They offer long term benefits for ultimate skin health.

Let me design a skin healing program for you. Options available –

Corneotherapy – Lavender or Rose                    $120 – allow  1 hour 25 minutes
A results driven facial to give ultimate health to the top layers of the skin. Skin scientists are now rethinking previous findings about the top layers of the skin as “ dead cells that need to be removed”.
This facial strengthens, activates and awakens the skins potential to function well and look physically younger.
Includes a foot cleanse and massage or arm and hand massage.

BESTOW Me Beautiful                                                    $85  -allow  1 hour
A facial to activate the natural enzyme activity in the cells which includes the aroma stream treatment to plump and create humidity and flow at a cellular level. Suitable for any skin condition presenting on the day. Treatment essences are selected specially for the individual.

BESTOW Me Radiance                                                     $115 – allow 90 minutes
Relax with a back massage for the first 10 minutes and then close your eyes and be seduced by the beautiful smells, the therapeutic touch and the results that impart plump, relaxed and radiant skin.

(Become inspired to feel and look the best you possibly can at any age. The BESTOW BEAUTY RANGE is available to cleanse, purify, detoxify and beautify naturally. This internal functioning food range gently eliminates toxins while soothing and gently healing the gut lining. It also works to help make cell membranes more permeable so that nutrients get in and waste can get out of the cell. By unblocking the five channels of elimination from the liver results in improved energy levels, improves conditions such as water retention, and cellulite. You may feel lighter and a greater feeling of well being, sleep better and a greater ability to concentrate) Ask about this range when booking your facial.

Janesce – Maintain & Manage (regular booking program of 6 facials through the year)
This option is for ladies who would like to pay all at once plus you get a 10% BONUS of $57.00 to spend on a gorgeous Janesce product.
Allow 1 hour for each facial and rest and relax for the 5 more facials remaining. (offer only valid on full payment) – $570.00

Janesce- Sensory experience                                       $180 – allow  2 hours 15 minutes
A 2 hour journey starting with a foot cleanse & leg massage, specially designed facial including aroma steam treatment and liquid herbal and floral essences to energize the skin and body. Includes an arm massage and a full therapeutic facial, head and ear massage.

Janesce Naturopathic Programmes

Your skin is a reflection of things that are going on in your body. The skin is a complex organ that on a physiology level has the same cell structures internally as it does externally. Your internal health is reflected in the skin as conditions that can be cleared and healed with the help of our qualified Naturopath. This requires commitment from the client and regular skin healing programs are encouraged with vitamins, healthy options for food and skin care supplements that can take your whole being on a journey to ultimate health.
Consultations – $60.00 (first initial one with comprehensive consult form to fill out)
* Thereafter consults   –  $ 42.50 ( skin healing analysis ONE WEEK after with home maintenance advice)
* With facial therapy  – $ 102.00 (a skin healing requires 12 weeks of therapy with regular clinic visits for the healing journey. This program includes 4 facials, consults and $40.80  to spend on Bestow Beauty products for internal health)  – $408.00  FULL commitment and payment required for this program to receive the bonus of 10% on product.

 Ayurvedic – Vede & Crede products are a pure blend of certified organic virgin, cold-pressed Argan and prickly pear seed oil combined with very high quality natural essential oils, made in NEW ZEALAND.


 90 minute treatment – Includes all 20 Marma points on the face, head, neck and ears, as well as an arm and foot massage with facial.
60 minute treatment – Includes all 20 Marma points on the face, head, neck and ears and the facial.

In ayurvedic facial rejuvenation the whole body will let go and it’s energy shifts into a roomier place, a more peaceful place. A child-like glow will shine again!

Benefits for the relief of –
* Sinus
* Jaw tension
* Tired eyes
* Insomnia
* Pre-post surgical healing
* Stress
* Teeth grinding
* All over well-being

Starting with a foot cleanse & infusions of star anise and orange peel to relax, calm and balance the mind and body.
Polarity balancing and breathing techniques further relax and ground you.
Cleansing waters energize the skin and marma (vital energy points) are massaged to revitalize the tissues. Your tummy is soothed with a warming rice, salt and fennel bag. Steam is placed over the face to activate hydration and then a paste of colloidal oats gently exfoliate the skin. A sandalwood, jasmine, green tea & passionflower oil  mask is then applied while you relax with an eye compress of herbal eye bright.
The skin is balanced with colloidal copper and heirloom essences & rejuvenated with serums from Vede and Crede.


  100% Natural Australian Jojoba is suitable for all skin types. It is the closest fluid to our own sebum
and is protective, nourishing and pure.
High in vitamins – C,A, E, OMEGA’S 3 & 6, powerful antioxidants.
Blended with botanical s from the Australian outback, fruit extracts, aromatherapy & nut oils, this beautiful
range is unique very well priced.
Nowadays, skin care goes beyond just caring for the skin topically. Lifestyle choices and diet must be taken
into consideration to get the best possible results. Jojoba can be taken internally- 3-6 pumps into the mouth
for an effective essential fatty acid intake, daily.

Treatments available –                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Jojoba Restore & Revive – Includes a back massage and relaxing nourishing facial recommended for all skin types and conditions.
Allow 60 minutes – $78.00

Jojoba Express Restore  – When time is a factor or you’re on a girlie weekend and love to relax and revive, this facial is ideal.
Allow 40 minutes – $58.00

Specific facials: What would you like to see change in your skin?
Consultations only – 30 minutes  -$ 30.00 (redeemable on product purchase over $120.00)

Jojoba Detox (teenage skin) $58.00 – ( includes consultation and extraction therapy if required and home maintenance advice)
*Follow-up consults are 30 minutes and include – cleanse, steam extraction, acne serum and calming gel.  – $48.00
*  Recommended over 6 -12 weeks depending on the presenting conditions.
A program for your teenager to educate, heal, calm and correct skin conditions. Internal diet and external environmental aspects taken into consideration.

Jojoba Anti-aging (A pre-mature aging program starting as early as age 20)    – $110.00
* Includes consultation and introductory facial, home maintenance advice for best results.
* Recommended 6-12 week program for optimum results with 3 facials to follow & A 10% BONUS of $ 33.00 to spend on any Jojoba product.  – $330.00 (full payment required)

Jojoba Hydrate/balance ( A program for  serious skin therapy before a wedding or special event)   –  $85.00
* Starting 6-12 weeks before your wedding day or special birthday milestone, this program is to inspire and help you radiate a glow from the inside which includes:
A consultation for your goals, the hydrate and balance facial, home maintenance advice for best results.
* Recommended as a follow-up with 5 facials over a 12 week routine     – $425.00 also includes a 10% BONUS of $42.50 to spend on any product during the program. (full payment required)





Be Beautiful & At  One With Nature.