“Something magical happens just by working on the face!”


Jo’s point of difference is that she works with skin conditions rather than the skin type. e.g. combination, normal, mature or dry. “Having become a little despondent with the beauty industry, I decided there was more to beauty therapy than I had learned about in my diploma studies.” I have also learned since being a JANESCE THERAPIST that electrical machines don’t keep the skin healthy. What they are contributing to though is long term damage by weakening the skin structures that are the building blocks of DNA. Manipulation of a cell time and time again produces cells that are vulnerable. The integrity and flora in the top layer you touch (stratum corneum layer) is repeatedly being removed with – IPL, micro-abrasion, alpha hydroxy acids and laser resurfacing where treatments being offered with these machines and treatments, are creating a much deeper problem known as post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. This is largely a problem on some skin types where U.V. is damaging skin no less than 5 years after these treatments. The skin cell structures are so weak through immature integrity, aging of the cells happens faster than it could do if these treatments were not used. What a JANESCE THERAPIST does is help educate the client into understanding how the skin works and by feeding the skin the correct essences, vitamins and minerals at a cellular level where normal function, respiration and lymphatic stimulation can occur naturally, resulting in a strong, resilient and active cell”. This creates a youthful energy within the cells andthey appear alive and well hydrated. Jo incorporates internal health with super nutritional food and 100% effective herbal liquids externally as a combined program for clients. This, coupled with deep muscular massage and lymphatic drainage has such a dramatic effect on the body and skin, you will be amazed!

When choosing to have a JANESCE SKIN SOLUTIONS facial you are rewarded with these results:

* Improved skin texturejanesce_vital_cleanse
* Soft velvety skin
* Even complexion
* Balanced hydration
* Restored vitality
* Plump healthy cells
* Reduced sensitivities/redness/irritation
* Bright, alive looking skin at any age.

FACIALS AVAILABLE :Bestow package with book

Janesce therapeutic 90 minutes                 $120.00
Janesce classical 75 minutes                        $75.00
Janesce softening “steam & extract”
30 minutes with program                                   $30.00
Janesce Corneo-therapy lavender             $114.00
-Rose                  $120.00
Janesce Sensory Journey 2 hours              $180.00
Janesce saving face for him– 50 minutes $55.00

Janesce wedding vital cleanse program: 12 week program
Incorporating the vital cleanse 7 days of me plus three facials. Recommended for anyone serious about
wanting to improve their skin 100% naturally. includes – naturopathic consultation, vital cleanse book,
bottle of bestow oil.                                                                                                                                         $350.00
Janesce vital cleanse “7 days of me”
A program for 7 days to get you on the right track. includes – vital cleanse book, naturopathic consultation, a facial and a bottle of bestow oil. Products vary depending on the skin condition and requirements.




JOJOBA COMPANY  jojoba image

  100% Natural Australian Jojoba is suitable for all skin types. It is the closest fluid to our own sebum
and is protective, nourishing and pure.
High in vitamins – C,A, E, OMEGA’S 3 & 6, powerful antioxidants.
Blended with botanical s from the Australian outback, fruit extracts, aromatherapy & nut oils, this beautiful
range is unique very well priced.
Nowadays, skin care goes beyond just caring for the skin topically. Lifestyle choices and diet must be taken
into consideration to get the best possible results. Jojoba can be taken internally- 3-6 pumps into the mouth
for an effective essential fatty acid intake, daily.

 Pamper me
JOJOBA company
– weekend pamper  45 minutes – $55.00
JOJOBA YOUTH POTION mini facial  30 minutes – $40.00
JOJOBA company – Body polish & aroma cream massage  – $75.00