Hair Removal

Having beautiful soft smooth skin for summer is a must!

If you’ve been a “JUNGLE JANE” lately get out of your jeans, leggings or trainers and have those legs, underarms and bikini lines smoothed and hair free. At Calma we use cream strip and cartridge Mancine wax with pomegranate extract. Your skin is prepared with our gorgeous PRANA  solution made here in New Zealand. A beautiful blend of 19 essential essences blended together as an alternative to highly chemical and alcoholic solutions sometimes used by therapists. The hair is released easier creating a less painful experience. Your skin is then soothed afterwards with Jojoba fluid wax.


Legs – 1/2 – $35, 3/4 – $45, full – $65, thighs – $35
Bikini – panty-line- $20, extended – $25,  3/4 with top – $35,  G-string – $35, Brazilian – first time $60-70 maintenance – $55 -65
Arms – underarm – $22, 1/2 arm – $28, full arm – $35.
Facial – upper lip -$18,  chin – $10, duo – $24, REGULAR – $22

Package prices:

Jungle Jane Trio   – 1/2 leg, under arm and panty line bikini – $7O
with extended bikini – $75, with 3/4 extended – $78
Care Free Hair Free – full leg, under arm and panty bikini – $91.20

Maintenance tips during waxing treatments:
To give your skin the best care and attention practice a little dry loofahing with a soft brush a week after waxing and follow with a silky cream
to help keep your skin soft and flexible. You can also take omega 3 & 6 jojoba oil or bestow beauty oil internally so you feed and nourish the cells from the inside out. This will stop ingrown hairs and help strengthen the follicles while they re-grow.