Did you know?

A Healthy spinal alignment is one of the most important things to adapt for life!

As a therapist working with feet I see lots of UN-healthy feet, skeletal posture and continued muscle tightness. Take a look at the chart here.  High heeled shoes worn every day while standing will cause major problems for anyone in the future.

Observation is very important in trying to help people when they visit me for massage. How you walk, stand and what you wear on your feet will ultimately be a burden or a friend in how your body responds to adjustments.

Fashion heels and very flat soft structured shoes can play havoc with your feet, knees, hips, shoulders and neck resulting in major back pain and other problems relating to the spine, joint placement and muscle flexibility.





This is a drink that I have been using for a pick-me-up after sport activity, sauna therapy or massage.
2013 is RELAY FOR LIFE nationwide. Use this opportunity to drink coconut water instead of powerade or any other energy drink. This is natural and extracted from the green coconut before it is mature. Available in pure coconut form or in cans like this in your supermarket or organic shop.